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Precision Instrumentation

If you are investing in technology and services, with the objective of latency reduction, then it is equally important to ensure you're accurately able to measure the improvement achieved, and to do so on an ongoing basis as an integral part of your trading systems infrastructure. To know you're faster is not good enough when your aim is to be the fastest. You need quantitative measurement, not qualitative estimation — You need precision instrumentation. If you can't measure it, then you can't manage it.

TS-Associates is a leading supplier of precision instrumentation solutions for latency sensitive trading systems. With the TipOff network monitoring appliance and the Application Tap software instrumentation card, TS-Associates provides a complete range of precision instrumentation solutions capable of providing nanometric transparency into the latency dynamics of trading systems.


TipOff appliance TipOff is a real time middleware analysis appliance. It provides unique capabilities in areas such as middleware operational analysis, passive latency monitoring, application behaviour validation, infrastructure utilisation chargeback and capacity planning. TipOff supports an ever increasing spectrum of market data and transaction middleware products and standards.

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Application Tap

Application Tap card The Application Tap is a PCIe card that enables the implementation of precisely time stamped software instrumentation with negligible performance overhead. The product is suitable both as an enabler of production systems monitoring, and for a wide range of software performance optimisation tasks.

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