Business Activities

Providing Customers with Leading-edge Technologies

Ever since our founding, Terilogy has provided IP-network-related products, as well as leading edge products and solutions in the network security field, to corporations throughout Japan.
Our customers are numerous and varied, encompassing major domestic manufacturing companies we have worked with since our founding, leading Japanese telecommunications carriers, and many others.
Furthermore, we make use of knowledge built up over the years in the network and security fields to develop our own products.

  • Discernment needed to find products that are unique and superior
  • Importing of overseas products as well as deployment of our own products and services
  • Knowledgeable and skilled technical staff versed in leading-edge technologies to provide market and product support

To conduct business activities, the Terilogy Group establishes separate sales departments for each service category, and each department creates and carries out a comprehensive strategy for their assigned products and service.
Following this approach of rooting specific product and service types in individually assigned departments, we divide our operating structure into four sections: the Network Department, Security Department, Monitoring Department, and Solutions and Services Department.

Network Department

The Network Department sells products optimized to customer needs, including routers, switches, WLAN equipment, DNS and DHCP equipment, and others, while also providing services such as corporate in-house communication network system design, and infrastructure design for and building of networks. Furthermore, the Department carries out sales of, and pro-level services for, teleconferencing systems and a wide range of other such products, while also providing after-sale maintenance services for products and software delivered to customers by Terilogy—all based on a year-round, 24-hour support framework.

Security Department

The Security Department sells network security products and services—firewalls, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), information leakage countermeasures, and others—as well as security authentication systems to identify network service users. They also devise countermeasures against illicit transactions, such as single-use password systems, and offer related products and services to customers. Moreover, the Security Department provides year-round, 24-hour maintenance services for all equipment and software products sold.

Monitoring Department

The Monitoring Department creates and sells products developed in-house that collect data on all network traffic and then analyze it and provide visual representations, Additionally, the Department verifies service quality and identifies malfunctions and problem areas, then develops and sells support solutions (packet capture products, network application performance monitoring products, etc.). By working with overseas, locally based partners, the Department is able to sell products and services to telecommunications carriers and other corporations across the Asia-Pacific region.
The Department also offers proprietary CloudTriage services, which entail cloud-based performance monitoring for applications and similar, and provides year-round, 24-hour maintenance services for Terilogy products sold to customers, including products developed in-house ("momentum") and network operation, management and monitoring equipment and software.

Solutions Services Department

The Solutions Services Department sells EzAvater, a software-based robotic process automation (RPA) tool developed in-house that has gained widespread popularity as a means of achieving working-style innovations and increasing operational efficiency. Furthermore, the Department offers real-time video interpreting services, managed-VPN services utilizing a cloud-managed approach, Web conferencing services, corporate Internet connection services, high-speed mobile data communication services, rental servers, and other network solutions and services geared toward small and medium-sized enterprises.

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