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Founded at the dawn of the Heisei era, Terilogy tirelessly pursues new innovations


Terilogy Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989, the first year of the Heisei imperial era in Japan. We are active in fields ranging from IP networks to broadband, mobile communications, and security as we constantly pursue new innovations in information network technologies and ideas.

We have served more than 300 major corporate customers over the years, primarily centering on manufacturers and telecommunications carriers, and these relationships are unique in that nearly 90% of them are direct client–provider relationships with no intermediary involved.

Terilogy primarily provides products and solutions in two fields: products and solutions for in customer in-house network infrastructures, which are used to support the everyday business activities of financial firms, telecommunications carriers and other organizations; and products and solutions used for providing services to end users, which have thus far included the issuance of 10 million licenses for broadband service software by telecom providers, security products for megabanks' online banking systems, and others.

Transition of focus area

  • 1990s

    Dawn of the IP Network Era

    Terilogy integrates Internet technology, still new at the time, into the infrastructures of numerous companies.

  • 2000s

    Shift from Broadband to Mobile

    Terilogy carries out in-house development and provision of Japan's first xDSL-services software. The company reaches 10 million domestic users, and is listed on JASQAD in 2004.

  • 2010s

    In-house Development and Security

    Terilogy shifts its focus to in-house product development and security products/services, pursuing highly specialized offerings such as single-use password systems for megabanks and forensic systems for corporate and local government organizations.

Careful discernment and technological capabilities as sources of strength

Terilogy brings leading-edge technologies and products from overseas to the Japanese market as quickly as possible—this is our fundamental approach to doing business. We work with international consulting companies and venture capital firms to discover unique, cutting-edge technology and product providers before our competitors do, and then proceed to build new markets in Japan together with overseas manufacturers.

Our technical staff, who are responsible for introducing new technologies and products, travel overseas to visit manufacturing companies and equip themselves with practical skills and knowledge on the world's leading technologies. As a result, they are able to approach domestic computer manufacturers in Japan—with a central focus on products lacking major system integrators—in order to not only introduce specific products, but also offer comprehensive solutions through carefully tailored product combinations. Moreover, these staff provide year-round, 24-hour maintenance services for Terilogy products and technologies.

Our representatives are thus able achieve reliable integration and operation of technologies and products that are completely new to the Japanese market, and in this way they have earned the unwavering trust of customers since Terilogy's founding. We even make use of the knowledge and skills gained through working with these leading-edge technologies to develop our own products in-house.

Tackling challenges relating to business operations, corporate management and the nation as a whole

In today's world, cyberterrorism has evolved from targeting daily business operations alone to attacking central corporate management and even entire nations. Here at Terilogy, we provide quick responses via Threat intelligence services and other such services.

Our efforts include network security support measures for national projects and undertakings at the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games and World Expo 2025 in Osaka, as well as measures related to communication challenges in response to rapidly growing numbers of international tourists in Japan, innovations in Japanese workplaces, and other issues faced by modern-day Japan.

Amid such endeavors, our firm focus on information networks remains unchanged. Moving forward, we will continue to grow and adapt to changes throughout society as we tackle even larger, more complex, more challenging problems.

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