Board of directors


  • Chairman, Representative Director
    Takao Tsubuki
    September 18, 1942

    Apr. 1965
    Joined Tokyo Mitsubishi Motor Sales Corporation
    Sep. 1969
    Joined Takachiho Koheki Co., Ltd.
    Dec. 1975
    Joined Sumisho Electronics Co., Ltd
    Jul. 1989
    Establishment of a company
    President, Representative Director
    Apr. 2017
    Chairman, Representative Director (Current position)

  • President, Representative Director
    Executive Officer President
    Akihiko Abe
    September 5, 1947
    Apr. 1971
    Joined Takachiho Koheki Co., Ltd.
    Dec. 1975
    Joined Sumisho Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Aug. 1989
    Joined Terilogy Co., Ltd.
    May. 1990
    Executive Director
    Jun. 2002
    Senior Executive Director
    Jun. 2009
    Executive Vice President
    May. 2011
    Jan. 2012
    Executive Vice President
    Mar. 2017
    Director of Terilogy Worx Corporation. (Current position)
    Apr. 2017
    President, Representative Director, Operating officer President (Current position)
    Information Disclosure Officer ,
    Head of Administration Department sector

  • Director
    Operating officer Vice President
    Vice President, Representative Directo of Terilogy Worx Corporation.
    Nobuo Miyamura
    November 20, 1965
    Feb. 1990
    Joined Terilogy Co., Ltd.
    Apr. 1999
    Sales manager
    Jun. 2001
    University of Southern California MBA Program
    Apr. 2003
    With of President Terilogy Co., Ltd.
    Oct. 2003
    Joined Cisco Systems, Inc.
    Marketing Department Product Manager
    Dec. 2007
    Joined Terilogy Co., Ltd.
    President room strategy Manager
    Apr. 2008
    General Manager of Business Division
    Jun. 2008
    Apr. 2017
    Director, Operating officer Vice President (Current position)
    Representative Director of Terilogy Worx Corporation. (Current position),
    Head of Terilogy Worx Corporation.

  • Director
    Operating officer Vice President
    President, Representative Director of Terilogy Serviceware Corporation.
    Toru Suzuki
    April 3, 1959
    Information and Communication Division Information network section Manager of Nissho Iwai Corporation.
    Apr. 2000
    Joined ITX Corporation.
    Jun. 2000
    Jan. 2004
    Representative Director of UCOM Corporation
    Jun. 2006
    Trustee of Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC)
    May. 2010
    Representative Director of Olympus business Create Co.
    Jun. 2011
    Representative Director of Inventit Inc.
    Apr. 2016
    Joined Terilogy Co., Ltd.
    Account Sales Department Manager
    Jun. 2016
    Apr. 2017
    Director, Operating officer Vice President (Current position)
    Dec. 2017
    Representative Director of Terilogy Serviceware Corporation. (Current position),
    Head of Business Division
  • Outside Director
    Osamu Fukami
    March 17, 1972
    Oct. 2012
    Director of NCXX Group Inc. (Current position)
    Mar. 2013
    Director of FISCO Ltd. (Current position)
    Dec. 2013
    Director of NCXX Solutions Inc. (Current position)
    Feb. 2015
    Director of (Current position)
    Apr. 2015
    Director of NCXX Inc. (Current position)
    Feb. 2016
    Director of Chantilly Co. (Current position)
    Mar. 2016
    Director of FISCO DIAMOND AGENCY,Inc. (Current position)
    Mar. 2016
    Director of FISCO IR Ltd. (Current position)
    Mar. 2016
    Director of Versatile Inc. (Current position)
    July. 2016
    Director of e frontier, inc. (Current position)
    Aug. 2016
    Director of TITICACA, Co. Ltd. (Current position)
    Oct. 2016
    Director of Gloria Tours Inc. (Current position)
    Jun. 2017
    Director of Terilogy Co., Ltd. (Current position)


  • Full-time Auditor
    Seiji Nishimura
    June 29, 1946
    Joined Bridgestone Flowtech Corporation.,
    Pastor in Accounting, Human resources, General affairs department
    Retired Bridgestone Flowtech Corporation.
    Joined Terilogy Co., Ltd.
    Administration Department Manager
    Jun. 2006
    July. 2006
    Contract employee of Terilogy Co., Ltd.
    Jun. 2009
    Standing Corporate Auditor Terilogy Co., Ltd. (Current position)
  • Outside Auditor (Independent Director)
    Ryoichi Hosoya
    February 14, 1944
    Joined Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation
    Jun. 1993
    Director of NTT Software Laboratories
    Jun. 1993
    Director Sales Division of NTT Software Corporation
    Sep. 1997
    Vice President, Representative Director of Internet Multifeed Co.
    Jun. 1998
    Executive Director Product Division Manager of NTT Software Corporation
    Nov. 2002
    President, Representative Director of NTT Com CHEO CORPORATION
    Apr. 2009
    Special professor of The Department of Human Communication,
    The University of Electro-Communications
    Jun. 2015
    Senior Adviser of Internet Multifeed Co. (Current position)
    Jun. 2015
    Vice Chairman of Internet Association Japan (Current position)
    Jun. 2018
    Outside Auditor of Terilogy Co., Ltd. (Current position)
  • Outside Auditor
    Hiroshi Sato
    September 26, 1997
    Apr. 1975
    Joined Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
    July. 2000
    Joined NETMARKS INC.
    Jun. 2001
    Operating officer
    Jun. 2004
    Director, Operating officer
    Apr. 2005
    Executive Director Operating officer
    Apr. 2007
    Executive vice-president
    Apr. 2010
    President, Representative Director
    Executive vice-president of UNIADEX, Ltd.
    Oct. 2016
    Outside Auditor of Intelligent Wave Inc. (Current position)
    Outside Auditor of IBC Co.,Ltd. (Current position)

Operating officers

  • Operating officer
    Account Sales Department General Manager
    Hironori Uchida
  • Operating officer
    Technology Solution Sales Department General Manager
    Takeshi Kohga
  • Operating officer
    Technology Strategy Office General Manager
    Masato Yoneda
  • Operating officer
    Consulting and Solution Engineering General Manager
    Yoshihiro Okuno
  • Operating officer
    Corporate Administration Department General Manager
    Shingo Hirotani

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