Board of directors


  • President & CEO
    Toru Suzuki
    April 3, 1959
    Information and Communication Division Information network section Manager of Nissho Iwai Corporation.
    Apr. 2000
    Joined ITX Corporation.
    Jun. 2000
    Jan. 2004
    Representative Director of UCOM Corporation
    Jun. 2006
    Trustee of Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC)
    May. 2010
    Representative Director of Olympus business Create Co.
    Jun. 2011
    Representative Director of Inventit Inc.
    Apr. 2016
    Joined Terilogy Co., Ltd.
    Account Sales Department Manager
    Jun. 2016
    Apr. 2017
    Director, Operating officer Vice President
    Dec. 2017
    Representative Director of Terilogy Serviceware Corporation. ,
    Head of Business Division
    Apr. 2021
    Representative Director of CRESEED Corp.
    Head of Business Division
    Jun. 2022
    Executive Vice President, Operating officer Vice President
    President & CEO.(Current position)

  • Director
    Akihiko Abe
    September 5, 1947
    Apr. 1971
    Joined Takachiho Koheki Co., Ltd.
    Dec. 1975
    Joined Sumisho Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Aug. 1989
    Joined Terilogy Co., Ltd.
    May. 1990
    Executive Director
    Jun. 2002
    Senior Executive Director
    Jun. 2009
    Executive Vice President
    May. 2011
    Jan. 2012
    Executive Vice President
    Mar. 2017
    Director of Terilogy Worx Corporation. (Current position)
    Apr. 2017
    President, Representative Director, Operating officer President
    Information Disclosure Officer ,
    Head of Administration Department sector
    Director(Current position)
  • Director
    Shingo Hirotani
  • Director
    Yoshihiro Okuno
  • Director
    Takeshi Kohga


  • Auditor
    Seiji Yoshida
    May 11, 1949
    Mar. 1981
    Joined Seven-Eleven Japan Co.,Ltd.
    Apr. 1985
    Manager of Seven-Eleven Japan
    Aug. 1988
    Accounting Department Manager of Seito
    Apr. 2004
    SeracJAPAN CEO
    Jun. 2007
    Joined Terilogy Co., Ltd.
    Dec. 2007
    Accounting and Finance Department Manager
    Apr. 2016
    Contract employee of Accounting and Finance Group, Administration Department
    Jun. 2021
    Standing Corporate Auditor Terilogy Co., Ltd. (Current position)

Operating officers

  • Operating officer
    Sales Division #1 General Manager
    Hironori Uchida
  • Operating officer
    Sales Division #2 General Manager
    Akimasa Honma
  • Operating officer
    Engineering Division General Manager
    Yoshihiro Okuno
  • Operating officer
    OT/IoT Security Business Department General Manager
    Takuma Miki
  • Operating officer
    Sales Operetions Department General Manager
    Shuya Oikawa

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