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Terilogy's Approach to Personal Information Protection and Requests to Website Users

Terilogy Co., Ltd. (hereafter, "the Company") takes the greatest care possible in the management of personal information belonging to users of the Terilogy website (hereafter, "the Company Website").

Gathering of Personal Information and Personal Information Disclosure

When users input information via the Company Website, the Company may request, when necessary, that users voluntarily provide their name, e-mail address and other personal information in survey format or similar. In principle, the Company does not disclose personal information to any third party except when so required by law or similar.

Personal Information Management

  • The Company carefully and strictly manages personal information collected from users.
  • The Company implements preventive measures against unauthorized access to users' personal information, as well as loss, destruction, fabrication, leakage and so forth of users' personal information. If any of these should occur, the Company will take immediate corrective measures.

Personal Information Usage

In principle, the Company uses personal information for the following purposes only, and for no other purpose. In the case of personal information usage for any purpose not described below, notification will be made on the websitein question or a separate, suitable website

  • As in-house reference information for purposes of improving the Company's services
  • As reference information in cooperative activities with the Company's business partners for purposes of improving the Company's services
  • For required purposes in conformity with the law, such as confirming bank account or credit card authenticity, validity, etc.
  • For purposes of contacting users regarding delivery of prizes won as part of prize or reward campaigns

Advertising and Promotional E-mail and Postal Mail

The Company may send information it deems useful via e-mail or postal mail to users, using registered personal contact information (e-mail address and/or postal address) and only after receiving permission in advance from each applicable user. After giving permission to the Company to send such materials and messages, the user may rescind said permission at a later date.

Please note that information on this website may be changed without prior user notification if the Company deems it necessary in response to changes in the Company's services and/or changes in online technologies.

Personal Information Protection Policy

Basic Policy on Personal Information Protection

Terilogy Co., Ltd. (including the Company Group, hereafter, "the Company") protects and manages personal information received from users as required in accordance with Japan's Personal Information Protection Law.
A Chief Information Security Officer is appointed and assigned responsibility for maintenance and management of the Company's Personal Information Protection Policy. All directors and other employees throughout the Company follow this policy when handling personal information and make every effort to carefully and appropriately manage said information.

1.Use of Personal Information

Personal information is collected from users in a law-abiding and fair manner following clear communication of the purpose of said information collection, and only after obtaining consent from the personal information provider (owner). Moreover, said personal information is collected only to the minimum required extent.
Personal information collected from users (relevant personal information includes e-mail address, telephone number and fax number) is used only for the Company's business activities, to contact users, and to improve service quality. Additionally, collected information may be used for statistical tabulation purposes in a manner that does not include specific, personal user information.

2.Personal Information Usage and Provision to Third Parties

The Company only uses personal information provided by users within the scope of agreed usage based on user consent. Personal information is provided to a third party or parties only after obtaining the personal information owner's consent. However, personal information may be provided in other cases when so required by law or similar.

3.Personal Information Management

  • The Company uses the most accurate, complete, up-to-date information possible when using personal information provided by users.
  • The Company implements security measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, as well as destruction, fabrication, leakage and so forth of users' personal information. If any malfunction or problem should occur, the Company will take immediate corrective measures.
  • If the Company outsources processing and/or handling of personal information to any third party, the Company will select a company or companies with equally or more rigorous personal information protection measures, rules and standards.
  • If a personal information owner personally requests disclosure of, correction to, addition to, cessation of usage for, and/or deletion of their personal information, the Company will comply immediately.
    Users who wish to request any of these are asked to contact the Company using the contact information provided below.
    When responding to such requests, the Company will take steps to confirm the identity of the person in question.

4.Changes to the Personal Information Protection Policy

The Company makes periodic revisions to personal information management methods and systems. The Company may also revise the Personal Information Protection Policy in response to changes in laws, regulations or similar. Following any revision, the Company will post a notification regarding changes on the Company Website.

Contact Point for Inquiries and Requests Regarding Personal Information

Enacted April 1, 2005
Terilogy Co., Ltd.

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