Ever since the founding of Terilogy Co., Ltd. in 1989, we have made it our top priority to respond to the needs of our customers and ensure their full satisfaction, and to this end we have always remained open to customer opinions and feedback.

Based on our corporate slogan, "In Collaboration with the Customer," we strive to create new value together with customers and grow as a company. By providing products, solutions and maintenance services based on leading-edge technologies from overseas, we contribute to the creation of improved information network environments and the realization of a more accessible and enjoyable information-centered society.

As Japan enters Reiwa, the new imperial era, we remain focused on our slogan "No. 1 in Quality" as we work to provide high-quality products and services from a wide range of different perspectives while endeavoring to listen more closely to the needs of our customers.

Terilogy's Strengths and Core Values

  • Careful Discernment and Market Response Capabilities
    The discernment required to find and identify progressive, leading-edge technologies and deploy them in markets in ways adapted specifically to local customers
  • Wide Selection of Customer Solutions
    Diverse selection of security and safety solutions for varying applications, encompassing everything from network infrastructure to communication endpoints
  • Diverse Service Provision Approaches
    Flexible Terilogy-product provision comprising diverse intermixings of products and services, encompassing everything from products utilizing leading-edge technologies through to maintenance services, software products developed in-house, and new services
  • Technical Capabilities Rooted in Experience
    Technical strengths and abilities forged, since our founding, through three decades of reliable, customer-tailored service provision
  • Global Response Capabilities
    Products and services for global markets, including the rapidly growing markets of emerging nations in Asia

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