Social Contribution Activities

Terilogy carries out fund-raisers and other charity efforts to help society in everyday ways.

Yubibokin Activities

The Yubibokin program utilizes beverage vending machines to donate ¥2 to a specified social activism group for each drink product purchased. Terilogy uses Vending Machine to donate part of the sales in its office facilities to provide support for The Nature Conservation Society of Japan Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporation, an organization that strives to protect ecosystems and biodiversity based on scientific surveys and investigations as part of activities aimed at realizing a sustainable society.

The name " Yubibokin " is used because it only takes one push with the finger of a vending machine button to take part, making it easy for anyone to make social contributions. This fundraiser is operated by The Japan Kindness Association.

Charity Organization:
Donation Recipient:The Nature Conservation Society of Japan

Ecocap Movement Activities

Terilogy participates in the Ecocap Movement by collecting caps from plastic bottles bought at in-office vending machines other sales points and, through the Disable Support Association of Japan,Ecocap Association, recycling these caps for reuse rather than allowing them to be disposed of through incineration. Preventing incineration of these plastic cap reduces CO2 emissions which benefits the global environment, and proceeds from sales of the recycled plastic material are donated to help provide vaccinations for children around the world and facilitate other charitable activities.

Charity Organization:Disable Support Association of Japan,Ecocap Association
Support Recipient: Japan Committee, Vaccines for the World’s Children (and others)

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